IIM Shillong – A Unique Experience

After my interview results were out, I was baffled and wanted to know which college I would choose. IIM Shillong attracted me but then if someone would have asked me why IIM Shillong, I would get perplexed. It all became clear after I came here and after 20 days I found my reasons. There are several reasons that make IIM Shillong unique, first and the most important is the right batch size which is around 180 students. We at IIM Shillong are family, where everyone knows everyone and everyone takes care of each another. This premier B-School which has recently completed its ten years recently is now the oldest amongst the new and newest among the old set of IIMs. The college was established with a motive to develop the entrepreneurial skills of the northeast, and the college stays by it. We at IIM Shillong works with the society together by placing dustbins in, organizing cleanliness drives and around the campus to make sure we keep our beautiful campus and the area around it better than we found it.  The college has a unique dedicated foundational course on sustainability which includes various live projects that help in solving real-life problems of the community; this helps the participants understand the importance and need of sustainable solutions in the times to come. IIM Shillong is famous for setting a benchmark when it comes to corporate competitions, which clearly communicates how practically the participants are taught about various business concepts by the eminent and experienced faculty we are fortunate to have. The college engages itself into organizing various activities like the nurturing minds, taking the vision of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam ahead by transforming the society and doing our bit to promote education for all. The college adheres to all the preaching of Dr. Kalam that he passed on to the participants while he was the visiting faculty at the college and tries to implant them to the participants in whichever way he could. The college give utmost independence to the students in organizing various events like the golf cup which is a flagship event of the college along with Khlurthama under the umbrella of various clubs and committees which helps to provide the real-life experience of management and working with people to achieve something more significant than each individual contributing to those events. Not to forget the campus. It’s the campus in clouds, right in the heart of Meghalaya and I am proud to be part of this prestige institute.

ABG division which attracts me the most and I would like to work for:

The telecom arm of ABG, Idea corporation limited which is India’s third largest operator is a major contributor to the group, it is facing challenging scenario due to shifting paradigm in Industry & entering into strategic alliances to consolidates & strengthen its position. Despite telecom arm of the group being fairly young of the lot, it has expanded quickly & established its identity in the market. This shows the relentless persona of the group to diversify in the business line which is matured & challenging. This consumer centricity wooed me to work with telecom arm of ABG.


Shobhit Chandak

PGP 1st Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong