From Induction To The First College Party – My Time In Hel(L)


Every MBA college introduces the newest members of the institute to its traditions and legacy during induction. The similarities end there and what follows is a hectic 2 days. The chief guest for our induction was former chief economic advisor Dr. Arvind Subramanian. Apart from talking about the politics in government (only light-hearted words), he shared his wisdom and tips on how to utilize the 2 years at IIML. The after party starts once the formal induction program for the day is over. We are taken to our prospective classrooms where we are introduced to the traditions of IIML (if you know what I mean :p ) and the night was never-ending. Every one of us was given tasks to complete and sleep wasn’t an option (Welcome to Hell :D).

I am purposefully not giving out the details as to what happened during the 2 nights but there were a few teary eyes :p.

First College Party: 

Just when you think that you could finally rest after 2 hectic nights, there is your first insti party waiting for you. The lethargy vanishes and a fresh burst of energy enlightens your soul and you would dance till the screams of peacocks (yes you read it right: :D. There are gorgeous peacocks you would love until their screams become a menace) give you an idea of the time.

If you think that everything seems rosy till now, wait for the first quiz which would ideally be within 2 weeks of induction. Assignments await you and presentations get your heart racing (You might stutter and go completely blank which is absolutely fine :)). Amidst all these activities comes OVERTURES, the committee selections of IIML. If you thought that assignments and presentations were eating away your time and energy, you got something which will hit you so hard that you might come out strong after the super hectic week or be disappointed and heartbroken which will affect your midterms. I assure you that committee selections are just another useful way to spend your time at IIML. There are many other opportunities waiting for you, so my suggestion is don’t be disappointed and enjoy every moment here.

So let me give a brief about Overtures.

Overtures: You could take part in a maximum of 5 committees/AIGs (Academic Interest Groups) selections. This might seem less considering there are 25+ choices but I assure you that it isn’t a cake walk. People usually sleep for 3-4 hours because of the number of tasks given by each committee/AIG and end up tanking the Quizzes (Yes, you read it right. There will be classes as per schedule and Quizzes and no respite. And yeah, good luck handling all of it :))

I hope to leave you with a sense of uncertainty but reassure you that “AAL IS WELL”.


Member of PRiSM, the Marketing Cell of IIM Lucknow, Seeking Nirvana!