Industry Deep Dive @ MYRA – With CEO Of ‘WeFaculty’

MYRA as a boutique business school adds to the student’s experience with its unique offering of Industry CXO talks that fills up the weekends of its already intensive management program. The weekend of the 19th September, however, was a meaningful deviation with its introduction of a 2 day – 14 hours – industry information program. The program aptly titled as the ‘Industry Deep Dive’ was one of the most indelible experiences that MYRA has ever got.

The program conducted by Mr. Venkatramanan Krishnamurthy, CEO of ‘Wefaculty’ was devised to impart the students a deep understanding and a first-hand informational experience of the different Indian industrial sectors. The well-served purpose of the program was to overcome the students’ industry knowledge gap and help them crack the interviews for their internship and placement requirements.

Prof. Krishnamurthy is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and comes with rich industrial experience in consulting, advising and training corporates in areas that have a significant impact on the long-term competitiveness and growth of their businesses. He is also associated as a visiting faculty with several business schools across the country.

Prof. Krishnamurthy took us on an enthralling ride of the current scenario and scope of the different industry sectors viz. Retail, E-commerce, Banking, Household Appliances, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Telecom and the IT Services. He gave us an insight of the different business models the industry follows, how a market leader manages to stay a market leader and how fast businesses are revising their time-tested strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

The professor narrated a handful of interesting incidents that greatly influenced and changed the strategic business models of various organizations. We were privileged to learn how different entities within the same industry compete and how one industry is dependent on another to remain flourishing. We also learnt how a bad business decision can ruin a business empire and how many businesses across the world leverage situations to generate higher revenues.

The professor explained the reasons for the rapid growth of some of the industries in the last few decades and also hinted about the advantage of being the first mover in an unfamiliar industry. He stressed more on explaining the current scenario of Retail and E-commerce, the tremendous scope of both verticals in the future and also emphasized the point that providing quality client service was key to increasing your business despite daily operational breakdown.

Prof. Krishnamurthy appropriately supported all his content with fitting examples and kept us involved with his interactive quizzes and frequent industry case discussions. He even gave us a comprehensive list of industry reports to supplement his captivating sessions.

Prof. Krishnamurthy’s session was very intensive considering the professor had to impart so much knowledge over a period of only two days. The session was also an exceptionally informative one that allayed some of our fears and cleared up some of the foggy impressions we had about the operations of certain industry segments. We were privileged to have such a wonderful personality educate us at MYRA.