Inroads Leadership Development Workshop at VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur

On 8th January, 2015 VGSoM hosted a day long Leadership Workshop conducted by Inroads Leadership Development, an entrepreneurial venture by Suman Ghose, Abhay Nigam and Somnath Ghosh. These three individuals, with over 60 years of work experience collectively, in diverse roles across the corporate world, have gained a great insight into the organizational dynamics and culture of various organizations across different nations and over time have gotten interested in the human side of management.



Starting off with the neuroscience of learning, the speakers established the importance of acquiring life skills, the need to search for energy instead of power and the fact that organizations are more about people than anything else. The discussion eventually moved onto management as a science vs management as an art, the increasing skill gap in the industry being caused by the corporate arrogance of being the know-all and thereby constricting the opportunities for innovation, and the importance of a high emotional quotient in becoming an impressive leader. A slight discussion on the HBR article – The Human Side of Management was also presented.

With the progress of the sessions, focus was shifted into understanding the science behind human emotions and feelings. The human learning process was spoken of in detail, and they spoke extensively on the stages of learning – Unconscious incompetence, Conscious incompetence, Conscious competence and Unconscious competence. True learning remained in being able to analyze the Conscious incompetence stage after reaching the Unconscious competence stage, for that opened up avenues for improvement and therefore innovation. The importance of listening to one’s environment and the importance of sharing knowledge with others were spoken about. The session broke for lunch with a note on the importance of knowing one’s own energy “chargers” and “drainers”. This was augmented with a 15 minute meditation.

The post lunch session began with a discussion on the leadership styles of people, and various well known industry leaders were talked about. Also, the importance of delegation of work was stressed with specific focus to the barriers to proper delegation. The speakers established how efficiency in teams can be increased with proper delegation of work. Much of the post lunch session was concentrated on the power of trust, in driving people relationships. As the audience pondered on whether they are trustworthy, the speakers spoke extensively on the conflict between the head and the heart in matters of trust which may eventually result into distrust. The day ended with the speakers urging the audience to know their team member’s “hot buttons”, their do’s and don’ts, and using this knowledge in conflict resolution.

VGSoM Kharagpur

The Vinod Gupta School of Management is a business school in India. It was established in 1993 at IIT Kharagpur and was the first management school to be set up within the IIT system. It was initiated by a distinguished alumnus and a Life Time Fellow of the Institute, Mr. Vinod Gupta. In the year 2018, VGSoM completed 25 glorious years of its existence as a premier B-School of India. Today it is consistently ranked as one of the top 15 Institutes for business management in the country and boasts of a list of illustrious alumni holding prestigious positions in companies across the world.