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Hi ,
Am not from a top rung college but a regular visitor of this site as it throws lots of good things.If possible could you tell me the carrier growth in the field of Transaction banking in terms of international exposure,higher position and off course monetry benefits.Just tell me on the basis of these alumni datas.


We will surely answer your query and any other. Just request you to either send an email to the regular channel of Eklavya or chat with us from 8 am to 11:59pm (anytime in these 16 hours) tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

rahul agarwal

Should i go for AXIS bank PO or should i do another job and do MBA after 2 years work ex?


Just to get a better idea of this.. This is by alumni of these colleges or by students currently studying.
Asking because I wanted to know if i can get unbiased opinion of comparison between 2 Top colleges