On Investing In Relationships, Marriages, And Children – A Behavioural Economics Perspective

What do you look for in a relationship? Who makes an ideal partner? How much are you willing to ‘invest’ in a relationship? Why are items in a gift shop at an airport overpriced? Sure, there are emotional aspects to all of these questions but with the rise of modernism, the lines between emotions and economics are blurred. Economic terms like ‘Investment’ are used for emotional constructs like relationships and marriages and we no longer make decisions purely based on emotions but on the ‘return of investment’ that we get on that emotion. This new approach of socio-eco-psycho is explained by Prof Rasananda Panda from MICA in this video. It highlights the importance of behavioural economics and an interesting take on modern relationships and marriage. What do you think about this approach? Tell us in the comments below!



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