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A memorable classroom experience in our B-school Since the time I came across the share market and its working, I had always wondered about what it exactly is. Why there are so many news channels discussing the prices of stocks and commodities? Why the headlines of pink news paper had results of the Singapore stock exchange along with last day Nifty and Sensex? How do people become rich and poor at the speck of an instant? Where do the insurance companies get money from so as to pay for the claim despite the premium being so less? With all these mindboggling questions in my mind, I stepped into IIM Kashipur. The first class of my MBA journey took off with a Shloka of Bhagwat Gita by Professor Ashish Kumar (Finance faculty). The class started with an animated video where we saw how a small business man slowly grew his business and was doing well. The man wanted to expand his business, so many people came to help him knowing that person was trustworthy and he would return them the money with certain interest or distribute profits in the proportion of their contribution to the company. For the first time in my life, I felt that my questions were getting answered and I was at the right place. After that class, there was no turning back. I started studying a lot about Finance which is why now the black letters of the pink news papers began making complete sense to me. With few successful equity research projects, trading and investing in equity markets, tracking various news and events I now really feel that I owe these to my first class at IIM Kashipur and my finance Professor who taught so well. A techie, having a 3years of work experience, now knows one more Language i.e. language of Finance.


Which ABG company would one want to work for and why?

  There are a lot of organizations in the global workspace but what truly differentiates them is the culture. Integrity, commitment, passion, seamlessness and speed are the key ingredients of the recipe of success for most Finance companies. Great HR culture, exposure in PIFA (Protecting, Financing, Investing and Advising), great work environment, respect and openness and will to take the company to newer heights are all the important ingredients of Aditya Birla Capital. Success in career comes by learning and growing at each stepping stone of profession. For the first stepping stone of the career, the ABG would provide great opportunities to work and foster skills like how to design, market and sell the Financial products.

– Shubhashish Gaurav

IIM Kashipur PGP 2017A-2019


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