How To Make Professors Laugh And Why You Shouldn’t Mess With Them

June 22, Day 1, a simple guy walks into the mess of a management school, with two bags on his shoulders, dragging a third behind him and the fourth lying on the gate. Has himself registered as a student at the school for the next two years of his life and gets a room number and a roommate he has to share his room with. He has no clue where his room is and so a senior, ever so humbly proposes to help him carry his luggage. While on the way the curious students ask the dos and don’ts of the place. The only reply he gets is to never mess with the professors (well that’s comforting).

It has been approximately two and a half months, and the advice has been followed religiously. Never mess with the professors. They silently come to the lectures, say what they want, throw some of us out, some of us just don’t make it as a 9 AM class rightfully starts at 8:58 and sometimes even we mess up by showing up without completing our homework (pre-reads). A humble advice the last one is a disaster in the making. But something changed a few days ago, and why not, it was Teacher’s Day.

This side of professors was unknown to the student fraternity since the beginning of time. The event started with a couple of professors, and just as many students appearing for the event. Instantly raising the hopes of everyone present. But the Olympian God of “getting late” showed mercy on us, within half hour of proposed starting time and a half hour before actual starting time, the room was full. The presence of so many professors at the same place was a rare sighting. We have so many of them, the author was unaware of this fact. And the event had begun.

It started with dance performances of the participants. An amazing duet which made me sing along. And some jokes by the anchor which are better left alone blocked out of our memories. The author took pride in cracking the worst jokes, this belief was shaken to its roots that day. Even some of the children of the faculty members participated. This was when it was realised why they have such high hopes for us. Their kids are more talented than a study group combined. The event was going monotonously well. But then the confidence of anchors grew a bit too much.

They asked the professors to participate. Anyone who can guess the game they were invited to is a genius. The most popular party game of all – Musical Chairs. Nine participants were needed for the initial stage of the match, and as expected no-one volunteered. As they had the same thoughts as the audience – “How Exciting!”. Somehow, through continuous efforts, the required number was achieved. The music started and then what the world saw will never be forgotten. Professors can have fun too. It was the first time in the history of the institute when “use of unfair means” was promoted and highly appreciated. One professor was pushing other just to have a better chance at the chair when the music stops. Their laughter was priceless. Many times everyone was seated with two sharing the same chair and music still going on. This was a high point in the event. The audience could not have been more cheerful.

The fun didn’t end. The professors are good singers too. Two of them volunteered, the cheering from audience forced on stage. When the second one was about to sing the first one interrupted arguing at the sanctity of the event as he had less time to prepare than the second one. KIDS! Their voices were mesmerising. There were poems from students dedicated to professors with an uproar of once more coming from the professors. And their wish is our command. One of us mimicked the professors, some of us were looking for a place to hide our face when this goes south, the professors were busy laughing at themselves. The event ended with smiles on every face and students knowing a side of professors they never knew.

Yes, the professors do know how to laugh. Give them a reason, and they will be your best friends and your best chance to a beautiful future. All liked the event. One of the professors wished to thank the students for their efforts the previous day, he made the smallest quiz he had ever made, just three questions. In the quiz, the author scored a whopping 0.75 out of 6. 😉

Gaurang Gupta

Management student in IIM Shillong with a work experience of 11 months in IT Domain