What Makes U Stand Out – Ankit Malpani

IIM Udaipur, a name which is a combination of two words IIM (Indian Institute of Management), a brand for management education in the world and Udaipur, a brand in tourism in the world. So, IIM Udaipur embedding the name of two brand converts in a unique brand in itself. The brand of this institute is reflecting in the campus which is almost 70% completed at site Balicha in Udaipur. This campus is carved out by cutting big mountains, filling valleys which we are not seen in any campuses of IIM even not in IIM Shillong. Hills also surround it and secured by the boundary wall which in itself is the unique thing to do. A boundary wall which constructed on hilly terrain will astound you how this has been built.

Now, let’s go inside the campus, we will able to figure out a big building in front which is called an academic block and why it is unique because it has a provision of lake plus it is entirely made of masonry. And also the middle part is entirely made up of a steel structure. On the left side of the academic block is the quarters of professors and again the road which connects that quarter to academic block will give you an experience like you are travelling in the northeast. On the right side there is a hostel and mess area, and again uniqueness is the design of hostels. The interior design of hostels is so confusing that even the students in their second year of MBA course also don’t remember where their room is. The name of hostels are on the name of the fort of Rajasthan like Mehrangarh, amber, chittor, etc. and also built in the way which gives them the look of a fortress but inside them, you will get all the world-class facility.

The area around the hostel adds to the scenic beauty of him Udaipur. The water tanks that are built on both the side are unique in itself as these tanks are fitted with technology which continually purifies the water regularly. The mess area is so pleasing and gives you an essence that the food you are eating is not only healthy but also cooked with use of latest technology and best raw material which we will unable to find in other IIM.

Every brick, every stone of IIM Udaipur is unique in itself and add uniqueness to the campus and make it stand out of all the Indian Institute of management

Which ABG Company I would like to work for?

Ultratech Cement, as I have always been interested in working with an FMCG Company

IIM Udaipur Placement Committee

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