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IIM Trichy


The Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli (also known as IIM T or IIM Trichy) is a public graduate business school located on Tiruchirappalli-Pudukkottai National Highway 336, Tamil Nadu, India. Founded in 2011, it is one of the seven Indian Institutes of Management the Indian government had set up during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan and was mentored by IIM Bangalore. It was the 11th IIM to be set up in India. Classes for the first batch began on 15 June 2011.



Exams Applicable

Selection Criteria

  1. Criteria for shortlisting for PI & WAT:


(Note: This is last year’s criteria.   This year criteria are under revision and will be notified later)


IIM T will use CAT percentile for shortlisting candidates for PI & WAT. The table below indicates the minimum performance expected from candidates to be shortlisted for the PI & WAT. Please note that achieving the cut-off percentile in CAT is a necessary but not sufficient condition for being shortlisted.


Student Category

Quantitative Aptitude

(Section 1)

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

(Section 2)

Verbal & Reading Comprehension

(Section 3)


(Overall Percentile)

General 80 80 80 95
NC-OBC 60 60 60 78
SC 50 50 50 60
ST 30 30 30 40
DAP 30 30 30 40


It must be noted that the cut-off percentiles given above are indicative. The actual cut-off percentiles for the 2020-22 batch may vary from those mentioned. IIM Tiruchirappalli will decide the number of candidates to be called for the PI & WAT for each of the above categories, depending on which the cut off percentiles can change.


PI & WAT venues:


The Personal Interview and Written Analysis Test would be conducted at New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata. The exact date for PI & WAT will be communicated to the shortlisted candidates by the coordinating Institute for 2020-22 batch on behalf of other participating IIMs.


  1. Criteria that would be used to select candidates post Personal Interview (PI) and Written Analysis Test (WAT):


(Note: This is last year’s parameters. After finalization, we will notify the same later)


The following will be the parameters and corresponding weightages used to arrive at the composite score of the candidates, which will be used to prepare the final merit list for admissions.


Please note that the sub-parameters used under each head are also mentioned below, (for e.g., the WAT examines the candidate’s vocabulary, content of writing and writing skills).


  1. CAT score:50 per cent weightage.


  1. Written Analysis Test (10 per cent weightage):


Vocabulary, content of writing and writing skills


  1. Personal Interview (18 per cent weightage):


Communication Skills

Academic Ability

Current Affairs & General Awareness

Managerial & Leadership Abilities

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities

  1. Work experience: 5 per cent weightage


  1. Performance at Undergraduate level: 10 per cent weightage.


This performance shall be measured by multiplying the percentage marks scored by the weightage applicable to the discipline as shown below. 10 per cent of the score so obtained shall be considered in the overall evaluation. [UG performance score = (per cent score at UG * discipline weightage) * 0.10]


Courses Offered


The two-year full-time Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) is the flagship programme of IIM Tiruchirappalli


The new two-year full-time Post Graduate Programme in Human Resources (PGPM-HR) is being launched by IIM Tiruchirappalli.

Programme Fees

Rs. 11,80,000

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