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K J Somaiya Institute Of Management


K J Somaiya Institute of Management is a prestigious and renowned b-school as well as one of India’s top management institutes. Established in 1981, K J Somaiya Institute of Management is a constituent institute under the Somaiya VidyaVihar University, the institute offers a total of 23 MBA, Masters, Part-Time MBA and Doctoral programs that are in sync with the latest industry happenings and practices. It is known for its flagship 2-year MBA programme, which is a full-time management programme.

Located in one of India’s biggest Metros, Mumbai, the institute sees top recruiters visiting the campus each year to hire top talent for their organisations.

Some highlights about the campus

  • Campus spread across 150,000 sq. ft. (The campus is completely vegetarian / non-smoking /non-alcoholic. )
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • AC Classrooms
  • Well-Equipped IT Centers
  • Fully Computerized Library
  • Seminar Halls
  • Conference Rooms
  • Student Discussion Rooms
  • Amphitheatre
  • Auditoriums
  • Recreational Facilities like Cricket Ground, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court, Squash Court, etc.


K J Somaiya Institute of Management is ranked amongst the top management institutes of the country.

The USP of the institute is its flagship MBA programme that enables students to study all aspects of a business namely finance, marketing, operations, human resources and data science as well as to excel in the department of their choice. Through interactive and engaging classroom sessions, case study analyses, quizzes and lively discussion during class hours, every student learns management concepts with a pragmatic approach.

PLACEMENTS 2019-2020:

Highest Salary: INR 28.50 LPA

Average Salary: INR 10.08 LPA

Exams Applicable

Selection Criteria

The following are the selection criteria for selection of candidates for various courses at KJSIMSR.

Note: Exams applicable include CAT 2020, XAT 2021,  CMAT 2021,  GMAT (Jan 2018 till 10th Feb 2021), & NMAT (September 2020 to January 2021)


Qualifying Exam 35%
Personal Interview                                                                           25%
Group Discussion                                                                             15%
Past Academic Record                                                                    10%
Achievements 10%
Work Experience                                                                             5%


Qualifying Exam 25%
Personal Interview                                                                           25%
Group Discussion                                                                             10%
Past Academic Record                                                                    10%
Achievements 10%
Work Experience                                                                             5%
Additional Qualification HCM or Sports Related                       5%
Statement of Purpose                                                                    10%

For MBA-HCM and MBA-SM, the institute follows profile-based shortlisting.

Courses Offered

1. Master of Business Administration – MBA (240 seats):

  • The MBA is a 2-year full-time management programme.
  • It is divided into six trimesters, and each trimester is of approximately 12 weeks. The first-year curriculum comprises general management subjects such as Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, Operations Management and Human Resource Management, amongst others.

In the second year, specialization subjects are offered along with a wide variety of electives. The specialization subjects include:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Operations
  • Data Science

2. Master of Business Administration - International Business - MBA-IB (60 seats)

  • MBA in international business prepares you thoroughly for that. Be it any vertical of the business, information technology, automobiles, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, digital institutions etc.
  • The course covers the entire spectrum of international business programs thus parting an in-depth knowledge of business environment, finance and economics to the students.
  • It focuses on the singular vision of preparing the students to being experts in this field to add value in any company that they chose to work in. Our syllabus is updated according to industry and economy transformation.
  • This makes K. J. Somaiya’s Institute of Management one of the best colleges for international business in the country and in the world. The course is a boon for every student willing to make a career in the public or private sector of international business.

3. Master of Business Administration – Retail Management - MBA-RM (60 seats)

  • MBA in retail management courses is necessary to understand the industry completely and make a successful career in it.
  • The course is a through study of retail management across the globe. It prepares the students to deal with any hurdle or situation and take on any challenges in their career pertaining to this industry.
  • With assigning hands-on projects of retailing, they are made to practice their learnings and skills of the syllabus.
  • K. J. Somaiya’s Institute of Management is known to have the best retail management course in India because of its commitment towards providing the best to all the students be it inside or outside of class.

4. Master of Business Administration – Financial Services - MBA-FS (60 seats)

  • MBA in finance management is one of the most sought out course due to its high demand and lucrative career options.
  • K J Somaiya’s Institute of Management is the best college for MBA in financial services with its singular focus of opening up the greatest opportunities for its students.
  • The course is in sync with the day to day updates of the financial sector and various leading industries.
  • The faculty takes great effort and pride to offer the best syllabus and career opportunities for MBA in finance management at K J Somaiya Institute of Management.
  • It grooms professionals for their bright future in this most challenging finance sector. 

5. Master of Business Administration – Integrated Marketing Communication MBA-IMC (60 seats)

  • K J Somaiya Institute of Management is touted to be one of the best college for MBA communications in the world.
  • The course provides a strong foundation to the students for their career in media.
  • It is designed especially for students to explore their career in the huge field of communications management.
  • MBA in communications seems difficult but it is simplified with updated industry knowledge in our course. 

6. Master of Business Administration – HealthCare Management - MBA-HCM (30 seats)

  • K J Somaiya’s Institute of Management is one of the best colleges which offers MBA healthcare management course. The course aims to cover detailed requirements of the ambitious healthcare administrators and practitioners.
  • MBA in HCM covers the entire syllabus of management of the health sector.
  • The students are given hands-on experience about the skills and the challenges that are a part of this sector.
  • From public health sectors to the medical tourism and everything in between is meticulously covered in this course which opens up range of career options to excel in for the students.

7. Master of Business Administration – Human Resources - MBA-HR (30 seats)

  • The MBA HR program is a 2-year, full-time, management degree with a focus on managing the most agile and dynamic resource, namely the human resource.
  • The program aims to develop competent and empathetic human resource professionals for achieving business excellence.
  • The two-year MBA in Human Resource Management course of K. J. Somaiya's Institute of Management focuses primarily on developing skill sets and required competencies in the field of Human Resources.

8. Master of Business Administration – Sports Management - MBA-SM (30 seats)

  • The MBA SM program is a 2-year, full-time management degree focused on the fast-growing sports sector that brings to students the latest courses in the area of Sports Management to develop professionally trained and industry-ready managers for sports and sports-related sectors. 
  • It consists of Athlete/Talent (also Rights & Licensing) Management, Sports Marketing/Sponsorship, Sports Tourism, Sports Digital Solutions, e-Sports, Sports Venue Operations and Management, Sports Analytics, is very diversified today and holds great potential for career opportunities.
  • The programme is in a collaborative tie-up with Somaiya Sports Academy and will ensure the classroom learnings will get translated into practical application on-ground and in the marketplace.
  • The off-campus immersion programmes such as involvement of the students in one or more innovative and sports area such as extreme sports, including action-learning in large-formatted sports platforms will be an added feature.

9. Master of Business Administration - Data Science And Analytics - MBA-DSA (30 seats)

  • The MBA in Data Science and Analytics is specialised 2 year programme that prepares professionals for solving future complex business problems that requires data-driven decision-making modules to be embedded in IT and modern day software and mobile applications.
  • The programme would help students get the profile such as data analyst, business analyst, data engineers, and data scientists.
  • The programme bucket comprises of courses from communications, statistics, human behavioral and cognitive models, functional areas, information technology and analytical tools.
  • The blend of theoretical concepts, case-based learning, project-based learning, simulation and hand-on practical session define the pedagogy employed for this programme.
  • Courses such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine-Learning, Internet of Things, ‘R’ Analytics, Python Programming, Design Thinking, Fintech, domain-oriented (HR, Marketing) analytics, sectoral-specific (Retail, Sports, Healthcare) are included keeping in mind the influence that these technologies would have on the way business in future is going to be conducted.

10. Master of Business Administration – Executive MBA-Executive

  • The MBA executive program is s a 15-month, full-time, postgraduate management diploma course exclusively designed for working professionals and entrepreneurs who are hungry to learn and wish to transform themselves according to the changing nature of their industry or business.
  • With this course, they can climb up the career ladder faster in-sync of today’s situation in the industry. It provides them with an opportunity to upgrade their knowledge and become more relevant in today’s time.
  • It is designed with a flexibility to accommodate the timings of working professionals.
  • According to their time, the students can work and engage with the course to gain perspective and knowledge of the recent times.

11. Masters of Computer Application – MCA

  • The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) programme aims to equip the students with a holistic and all-round grooming required to be successful in IT and its allied industries by providing them with state-of-the-art facilities and latest in trend curriculum.
  • The program comprehensively focuses on providing students with the sound knowledge in all the three aspects of industry requirements namely; strong conceptual learning, technical insights and application design and development.
  • The subject board of IT comprising of experts from industry as well as academics meets twice in a year to revamp the curriculum.
  • Subjects from technology; application, Techno-management extents such as computational theory, programming, algorithm design and optimization, network and database management, mobile technologies, electronics, mathematics, probability, statistics, accounting, business analysis, Design and Management of Information System are extensively covered.

12. Master of Business Administration - Marketing Management – Part Time

  • MBA (Part Time) - Marketing Management programme aims at professionals who are already working in the field of marketing management, as well as those who see their careers developing in this direction to be successful in the field of marketing and its’ allied industries.
  • It comprehensively focuses on providing students with the sound knowledge in all the three aspects of industry requirements namely; strong conceptual learning, technical insights and application design and development.
  • The subject board of marketing comprising of experts from industry as well as academics meets twice in a year to revamp the curriculum.
  • The courses from Marketing comprises of Marketing Management, Sales Management, Marketing Research & Analytics, Product & Brand Management, Consumer and Organizational Behavior, Services Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Integrated Marketing Communications along with the in-demand skills like Business Communication, Digital Marketing, Media Planning, Creativity & Innovation Management as well as Retail management.

13. Master of Business Administration - Finance Management – Part Time

  • The MBA (Part Time) - Finance Management Programme at K J Somaiya Institute of Management provides a holistic approach to the study of said discipline.
  • The syllabus of MBA (Part Time) - Finance Management is in complete sync with the latest industry updates.
  • With an aim to provide the best to the students, it offers updated modules which expose the students to areas like risk management, derivatives, corporate restructuring, wealth management, international finance, mergers and acquisitions, taxation etc.

14. Master of Business Administration - HRM – Part Time:

  • The MBA (Part Time) – Human Resource Development Management at K J Somaiya Institute of Management provides a holistic approach of the said discipline.
  • Like every other business function, the Human Resources Development (HRD) function of businesses has greatly evolved from basic functions of people management, payroll, to other functions like increasing the motivation and efficiency of the workforce.
  • It focusses on areas like Best Practices in HR, Leadership Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Reward Management, Training & Development, HR Policies & Economy, Organizational Theories, Structure & Design and many more. It is designed to enhance the skill sets of the students and to introduce the new, need of the hour skills and knowledge. 

15. Master of Business Administration - Information Management – Part Time:

  • K J Somaiya Institute of Management offers a programme MBA (Part Time) - Information Management in which people from the IT industry can hone their management skills.
  • The programme seeks to develop a wider and deeper understanding of IT by inculcating a broader vision for technology in the realm of evolving businesses and societies.
  • The ever-changing and transforming nature of technology is reflected in the syllabus.
  • The syllabus includes a wide range of technical subjects like Digital Infrastructure and Platforms, Enterprise Applications, Data-warehousing, BI and Analytics, Digital Marketing

Programme Fees

Total Fee including tuition Fee (Indian Resident /CIWGC/NRI/FN/OCI Candidates) for the batch of 2021-23.

Total Fees: INR 16,29,279/-


Admissions Related Queries


Student Admissions Committee: adcom@somaiya.edu

To interact and know more https://www.facebook.com/adcomkjsomaiya/

Phone: +91-22-67283277 / 3292 / 3232/3000

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