A Memorable Classroom Experience In Our B-School – Vaishnavi Anand, IIM Udaipur

What does one expect in a classroom of a B-school?  Boring lectures wherein everyone is talking about ethics, market share, cash flows, liabilities, and assets, right? Well, my experience has been entirely different. Right from the first week where we were made to play interactive games that we used to play in our childhood to my third week where role plays about Avengers, drug addicts and what more took place. In a span of just three weeks, I have done more physical and fun activities in a class that I had in my four years of under-graduation. Being a fresher, I always had this notion that being with people with work experience might make me out of place since I have no knowledge of the world that they are so used to.  But these activities have made me realize that I was so wrong. Even though there are many people who are not only elder to me but also have this aura of wisdom in them, they are those that even I can relate too. So now to tell you in detail about one such experience of mine. So we have this subject in our course Managerial Oral Communications, and we were given a group assignment of role play. We were left with the entire creative space, we could present anything and everything. This course gave us all an opportunity to show everyone in the class who we are as a person without the fear of any judgment. In this role play project, we had so many different forms of presentations, advertisements, plays and so much more. On one side we had people talking about such important issues about how girls are portrayed as this weak entity who needs saving without even realizing it or why having a fair complexion in our country is such a necessity. While on the other we also had some fun presentations such as an advertisement of Nirma brand launching a product explicitly directed towards men and having avengers enact in the ad. All in all, it was such a fun experience. These activities helped me engage in such impactful conversations with these people around me that open my mind to so many new things that are happening all around me and I am not even aware of them. And all of this was possible because the platform was given to us by our professor Dr. Rakesh Godhwani. In the end, I would just like to say that you meet a lot of people in the course of your life but there are very few who actually inspire you. And this course and the professor assigned to us really inspired me and this is a memory that will always be close to my heart.

Which ABG company would I like to join?

Aditya Birla is a name which resonates excellence when we talk about them. Being a part of such a big conglomerate would be a deal of great honor. If I had to choose from the plethora of options that the company provides, I would select Aditya Birla FASHION AND RETAIL LIMITED. I always see myself as a person who is mesmerized by the fashion industry. When I say fashion I mean the creative aspect of it, the designing, thinking and the creative processes that go in this industry. Like any industry, this industry too needs its set of managers, and if I get to do my job of a manager while also being able to understand the technicalities of this fantastic industry, then that would be a dream come true for sure.

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