Mere Sapno Ki College – MDI

MDI has been the college of my dream, I have worked hard to reach here and when I reached here I did not even get a moment to realize my happiness. As soon as I get here I along with other students were given a lot of tasks to complete in a short span of time and once those tasks ended new ones were allocated and the life has been that way since then. However, there are a few things, for which I always manage to take the time out of the hectic schedule to learn. One of them is practicing public speaking, I have never been a good public speaker, and as part of an assessment in the class of ‘Business Communication’, I was required to deliver a speech in front of 60 students. During the speech, I was petrified, I could not speak clearly, I was fumbling, I was not fluent, I could not structure my sentences, and therefore, I was taking a lot of gaps in between. Obviously, it negatively impacted my assessment and more than that it made me realize that in the future, it would pose as a disadvantage for me if I have to address an audience for business purpose. Ever since that day I have been practicing public speaking in front of my hostel mates. I always take 10 minutes out in any part of the day, gather all the people who are available at that time and ask them to give me an impromptu topic. Then I give a speech for 2-5 minutes, based on the topic, and ask for their feedback and try to incorporate the same in my next speech. This is the way that I am challenging my weakness and in my pursuit, I see my friends, seniors, and faculty with me. I feel motivated in the company of intelligent, helpful, and ‘easy to work’ with people which is unique about MDI.

I would want to join ‘Ultratech Cement Limited’ of the ‘Aditya Birla Group’. Reasons are as follows: 1. The growth of the cement industry in India – a. India is the second largest producer of cement in India b. India is a developing country whose GDP is growing at 7.2%. c. As the impacts of GST and Demonetization are waning the growth rate is likely to increase. d. India would require a lot of infrastructure development, to sustain the growth. 2. Ultratech Cement – a. India’s largest exporter of cement b. Good reviews on relevant social media websites like ‘’ and ‘’ c. Insurance health and wellness, Financial and retirement benefits, Family and parenting facilities, Vacation and time off facilities, Professional support, and other perks like good work-life  balance. d. Use of technology in the Human Resources practices e. Coherence with the vision and mission of the company to build solutions, Innovation, and team empowerment f. Stellar performance – Continuous growth in sales volume, net revenue, EBITDA, and market capitalization. g. Good initiatives on Corporate Social Responsibility