“My Constant : Aditya Birla Group” – TAPMI

I still remember how excited I use to be whenever I visited our maternal grandparents. More than anything it was Nanaji’s ambassador car that intrigued me. Applying gears with hands and coming to receive us on station, it was not just a car but a pride that he carried and cared. I still remember how I use to fight for the front sit with my cousins and being the youngest ended up acquiring it.

                                                                                                                                                                                          In school I hated my lunch everyday, it was stale and dry until we consumed it but one day I opened my lunchbox and found it wrapped in a silver paper. Those memories have faded away and I can’t recall my exact expression but what I can recall is that from that day the lunchbox never retuned unfinished. The best part of it is the very fact that I use freshwrapp on a daily basis even today and perhaps it will be a forever companion.

                                       In 2013 its was time to bid farewell to school life and thus a party was organised by the college. I was in search of a formal attire that could make me look class apart and I ended up crashing in Peter England. I still remember the praises I received from the girls that day, it was no less than winning a world cup and I was blushing the whole event as it was quite unexpected.

 Reflecting recent past I become nostalgic remembering how closely Aditya Birla Group was associated to me even in my college days. From gifting my girlfriend those Forever21 dresses, to gifting my mom Biba’s ethnic clothes of liva fashion, to using Ultratech cement when we decide to renovate our house and finally how can I forget my daily dose of news from Hindustan times.

Memories are always marked with the importance of not only the people it reminds you of but also the things that made those memories, like using idea as a mobile network. Aditya Birla Group have been a constant part of my journey so far and I wish it to be a forever partner.


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