On Power Of Negotiation Skills – Alok Kumar, IIM Indore

Each day at IIM Indore has a different experience to offer. Each class at IIM Indore has a different perspective to offer.

I have numerous enriching classroom experiences but the one I will remember for a long time would be a classroom exercise in the organizational behaviour class. The activity was such that two different set of students were given different information about each other, one was the buyer side and the other being the seller side. It was an activity to demonstrate the power of negotiation skills in the real world environment when there is information asymmetry most of the times. It was a really fun exercise with everyone on their toes. It was indeed a great experience to see everyone trying hard to close deals aggressively. Some reached at a consensus in 5 minutes and some simply could not. I performed really well in the exercise by trying to understand firstly what information the other person has about me and then tried to negotiate. The experience was a memorable one because in the end, we understood that it is not always about trying to get the bigger share of the pie, sometimes the two parties can work together to increase the size of the pie. This has been a lesson which I carry with myself in every negotiation I am trying to make, that, is there any way that we can collectively increase the size of the pie instead of fighting for a bigger share of the pie.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

Having a keen interest in retail management, I would like to work for Aditya Birla Retail Limited. The retail sector has always fascinated me with the amount of exposure it has to offer in terms of the learning opportunities. Be it, Consumer behaviour, Market research, B2B Marketing; almost every facet of sales, marketing and strategy domain can be understood to its core through working in the retail sector. Aditya Birla Retail Limited with its More Megastores which has product categories from FMCG to Apparel and Groceries to General merchandise will give me unparalleled self-development opportunities. It will equip me with much needed practical skill sets to complement my theoretical knowledge of the sector and a multitude of categories. It would be the perfect learning platform which will give me the much-needed experiences to excel in the domain.

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