‘Practice Is The Mantra To Success…’ – Arjun Munshi (99.08%iler In SNAP 2015) On Cracking The SNAP

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So, suddenly being on this side of the fence, it feels a lot different and even more challenging. I can vividly see myself at this point last year when those coaching centers had become my second home. Those QA and LR books, my closest ones, as I firmly believe in Godfather’s saying that keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Going through them repeatedly had become an arduous exercise for me. There is a distinct beauty about SNAP in particular. It is one such examination which tests a candidate through every subject and logic but at a very superficial level. It was quite an experience to attempt questions derived from our daily lives but with a twist.

My study schedule was quite clear as I always knew that I could never sit for long hours in front of a pile of books and stare at them. I needed short but focused bouts of study and then breaks to rest my eyes from the drudgery. Just as we should have small meals in short durations throughout the day, the same goes with our curriculum.

Practice is the mantra to success. Solving as many questions as you can lay your hands on is also a way to get the complete feel of a competitive exam. It is always about the logic behind a question and never about the result.

I’m a commerce graduate I felt I had an upper hand in the Quant section. Logical Reasoning has always been a personal favourite and I found it very interesting. Quant is one section which is deceptive and I always had to take extra care to handle it. The overall strategy that I followed for SNAP was to attempt only those questions of which I was completely sure of and then going on to the next one.

I feel that for a student from the Indian Subcontinent a pen/paper based question paper would always appeal more as we have always been into the habit of such examinations. So, it helped me in a way.

The basic funda for any competitive exam is not to fill your brain with everything but to keep your brain active for on the spot thinking. A competitive exam tests us on how quickly we can think regarding twisted questions. I never study one day before the exams as it brings nothing but panic.

So, after all this, I managed to score 99.08 percentile in the SNAP Examinations of 2015. The Group Discussion was a video round, in which we were shown a video and we had to discuss the issues in the video. I just pitched in and slowly kept my point. In a Group discussion, it’s never about who speaks for the longest duration, it’s always about who has the best points.

The interview was breezy; it was a very casual yet enriching interview. The interviewers wanted to know about me as an individual and not relate me to my grades. My basic preparation for any interview is to prepare the ‘Tell me About Yourself’ part very thoroughly. Half the battle is won then and there. So, one tip is knowing about yourself thoroughly and framing your answers in a very flowery but to the point way.

Since then there has been no looking back, this institution is actually making me grow as an individual and by growth, I mean an all-round one. All that I can say now is, there is always a heaven after each hell. So, give it all you have and once you get it. Live your Dream!


About the Author:

SIBMB-Arjun Munshi

Meet Arjun Munshi, a resident of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Having completed his Bachelors in Commerce from National PG College, Lucknow, Arjun aspires to pursue Human Resources as his major in the second year of MBA. He is passionate about writing and follows it wholeheartedly. His first novel will be published by the Summer of 2017.

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