How To Crack The HR Internship Interview


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You just joined your dream business school and suddenly you are face to face with the prospect of securing your HR summer internship without too many hours spent in the classroom. It’s understandable if you are filled with trepidation, especially since you are surrounded by such talented batch mates all around you.

We are here to complement your preparation with this HR summer placement prep course which will arm you with the right resources in order to impress the toughest of interview panels and get noticed ahead of your peers.

On completion of this course, you will be able to:

1. Select the right role or industry you wish to work for, and prepare for it accordingly.

2. Revise the most important laws which an HR professional should know.

3. Understand the motivation theories and learn how to apply them to get the best out of employees.

4. Analyze the need for training and design an appropriate, cost-effective training plan, the impact of which can be evaluated and measured.

5. Learn how to adjust the compensation plan to the company’s compensation philosophy.

6. And while going through all of the above, understand how each concept will be tested and questioned during your interviews

7. Learn the best practices for everything – from researching for a company to looking your best during the interview. From making your CV stand out to how to answer questions like “Tell me about yourself”.

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