3 People Get Hired Through LinkedIn Every Minute. Do You Want To Be One Of Them?

About the Webinar

LinkedIn. 18 years old; older than Facebook & one of the most trusted social networks still in action today.
LinkedIn. 200+ countries. 24 languages.
LinkedIn. 71 million+ members in India alone.
LinkedIn. Content creation on LinkedIn increased by 60% in 2020.
LinkedIn. 3 people are hired through LinkedIn every minute. So, what are you doing on LinkedIn?

The world runs on perception; like when mangoes remind us of those sultry afternoons spent at home in childhood or when your immediate supervisors at work base your appraisal on how they perceive you. LinkedIn is that plain canvas where you can paint how you want to be perceived professionally. That is what Personal Branding on LinkedIn is all about and the corporate world runs on it.

LinkedIn has become the most powerful business networking tool that there ever has been. Just browsing, reading and commenting is not enough. For your personal brand to be living, breathing and kicking; to see more job offers, leads and business opportunities come your way, you must regularly engage the community that you are a part of through relevant and meaningful content.

“Brand yourself for the career you want, not the job you have”, said Dan Schawbel. Virat Kohli did not become the captain of Team India overnight. For years, he has created and calibrated his ‘Personal Brand’ of a fighter, a perfectionist and a leader, until he was perceived as one!

Gone are the days when only products, services or companies were branded. With the information overdose that era of the Internet has brought in, every living individual in the world has a virtual identity to create, grow and maintain.

But how do you master the strategy of building your brand on LinkedIn to get more job offers & business opportunities?

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Sampark Sachdeva is one of the LinkedIn Spotlight awardees, making him one of the top 14 content creators on Linkedin in India (with the likes of Manu Kumar Jain & Ankur Warikoo). He has over 82,000 organic followers and more than 1500 posts with 50 million+ views. Apart from this, he has experience of over 10 years working with India's top brands like Asian Paints, Ola and Oyo.

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