The ABCs Of Making It To ABC - Season 2 | CAT 2022 Prep Sessions

About the Webinar

CAT isn't as hard as you would have heard - but, it is a journey of its own. What you need to make the most out of this journey is a delicate combination of aptitude, the right kind of preparation, a set of mentors and friends, a pinch of luck, and most importantly some much-needed guidance to point you in the right way. Possibly the biggest challenge is that you need to complete this journey in a very short time. From June to November, in a brief span of 6 months, a lot of things need to fall in place to get you prepared for the final obstacle, the D-Day in the end of November every year.

Think of CAT as a game with 3 different levels - Verbal Ability and Logical reasoning, Data Interpretation and Logical reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude. Each of these levels need their own uniques styles of learning, practice, preparation and attempting strategies. For this very reason, through this session "The ABCs Of Making It To ABC 2.0 - An initiative focused on education", we, AltUni, aim to go through all the levels in a course of 2 days encompassing 4 sessions and make all your CAT journeys as memorable as we can. We will be covering each of the following in different sessions for all 3 sections -

1. About the Section – Thoda Jaan Thoda Pehchaan

2. Preparation Strategy - Mul mantra
a. The skills you will need to acquire
b. The habits you will need to inculcate
c. What all you can do in the next few months

3. Learning through Examples (Live solving Questions) - Karat Karat Abhiyaas Ke
a. The questions you will face
b. How to solve them
c. Shortcuts to solve some of them

4. Study Material - Gyaan ka Khazana

5. Test Taking Approach - Rann Niti

6. All about Mocks and Analysis - Vishleshan

7. Some Do’s and Dont's - Kya Karun Ki Na Karun

8. Tips for D-Day - Asli Din Ka Gyan

9. Questions and Answers - Sawaal jawab

About the panelists:

Name of the Person CAT Percentile VARC Percentile DILR Percentile QA Percentile B-School
Aditya Doiphode 99.95 100 99.45 97.89 IIM Ahmedabad
Ankan Chakraborty 99.93 98.37 99.37 99.93 FMS Delhi
Arvind Ramadurai 99.75 95.78 99.46 99.68 IIM Calcutta
Kartikeya Mundepi 99.92 99.77 96.65 99.84 IIM Calcutta
Parth Rajagopalan 99.92 99.97 98.09 99.12 IIM Bangalore
Sayan Ganguly 99.94 98.69 99.07 99.93 IIM Ahmedabad
Shaney Mantri 99.51 98.11 97.58 99.16 FMS Delhi
Shanttam Jain 99.93 94.97 99.98 99.71 IIM Ahmedabad
Shruti Dash 99.62 99.15 91.26 99.68 IIM Calcutta
Vishal Gowda 99.92 97.93 99.89 99.74 IIM Ahmedabad


Here’s the schedule:

18th June:

  • Roadmap to CAT 2022 :  3 pm - 4:15 pm
  • How to Prepare for DILR : 9 pm -10 pm

19th June:

  • How to Prepare for VARC : 3 pm- 4 pm
  • How to Prepare for QA and CAT 2022 D-Day: 9 pm-10:15 pm

How will it benefit you?

1. Get a chance to talk directly to CAT 2021 99.5+ Percentilers
2. Get your doubts resolved
3. Get your preparation on track
4. Learn how top scorers approach each of the sections
5. Understand how to stay composed and focused on the day of the exam

That's not all!!

1. Get a very clear understanding of what to expect through the next 6 months
2. Learn how to make the most out of the next few months
3. Get a chance to contribute to an alarming social cause