The Red Building Of Dreams – Raji Gupta, FMS Delhi

What makes my campus unique?

My campus is also known as the Red Building of Dreams. There are many things that make my campus unique. Like a house is best described as the family that resides in it, my campus can be best described the FMS family that resides here. The batch size is approximately 200 students and this adds an edge as here we tend to know each other by their names. Though it has only been a few days on the campus, everyone here is so friendly and helping. The seniors are tough at times but always have our backs. A major part of the learning takes place through peers and seniors which helps to understand the concept better through real-world examples. During the starting days of the induction, we all used to sit in a single room that gave a feeling of closeness and familiarity. Being a part of Delhi University, the Campus is lush green and has a plethora of students around it. Moreover, the fact that FMS has a small campus also adds to the uniqueness as it helps us to utilize the available resources judiciously and make the best out of every situation.

A memorable classroom experience in my B-school

Though I have been in my campus for a small span of 15 days, the campus has given me memorable experiences for my life. During the induction phase, there was a competition where we had to form a group of 15 students and perform acting, dancing, singing, etc and be as entertaining as possible. Every team then performed and it was so nice to see a bunch of people coming from various backgrounds and showcasing their talents. Other than being the smart minds of the country, they all displayed skills that made me realize that people here are so talented and there is a lot to learn from them. This was an amazing experience.

Introducing some of my crazy batch mates- 

Shyaan- There is this friend who is a good singer. He was travelling in the metro and lost his wallet and mobile. He also didn’t remember any contact of any one of us. He was at C.P. and outside the Starbucks store, he started singing and asking for cash from people. He collected 3000 from people including foreigners by singing Hindi songs and explaining their meaning to them in English. We got a treat from him that day.

Vini- She is another crazy one. In her under graduation college, the classrooms had stairs but the windows used to be at the same level. She used to sit beside the window in such a manner that she could actually come out of the class by jumping from the window, without even the teacher noticing. She has done this many a times during her graduation.

Shanky- There is this crazy little foodie. He went to dominoes one day and was very much hungry and didn’t have enough money to pay. When his order arrived he ate half of everything and then using his good oratory skills sent each item back by picking some faults in them. The staff made the entire order again and thus Shanky could actually eat 50% more on what he paid for.

Vidhi- This is another crazy level of sleeping beauty. She was once attending a Mechanics class in college. Since the class was just after lunch and the teacher was so strict, she could not sleep in the class. So, she used her eternal strategy of sleeping by keeping her eyes open. She slept for the entire 1. 5 hours lecture and when the professor was solving a question and asked-“The tension on the pulley will come in…” and she in order to show that she was attentive, shouter-“in Newton”. The entire class laughed and nothing can be crazier than that.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to work for Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. When I was young, I used to go shopping with my mom and aunt and the most trendy, colourful clothes that I picked were from Pantaloons and forever 21. At a later stage, I realised they were from the same company. Even today, these 2 are the brands that I have the most clothes from in my cupboard. I would like to work in the sector as I think I would be able to learn and develop in the industry as I feel that I have a personal connect with it.

Placement Cell FMS Delhi

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