Scholarships At IIM Lucknow

If you are packing your bags to go to college, you’re probably daydreaming about the experience you are going to have. But there are chances this will happen a few months down the line:


college broke


And months down the line, while giving interviews, you will find yourself wanting to say this:



And that is the entire reason why scholarships and financial aid exists! If you have busted your ass to get into IIM Lucknow, here is the financial help you can receive!


  1. Need-Based IIM L Scholarships

15% of the students receive need-cum-merit based scholarships from the Institution. The scholarship covers the tuition fee for the given year, and can be revoked if the student fails to perform well academically.  Any student, including those belonging to the reserved category, whose total annual family income does not exceed Rs.1,50,000/- is eligible for consideration for these scholarships.


2. Merit-cum-means Scholarship

The Government of India provides a merit-cum-means scholarship of INR 2200 per annum to a maximum of 25% students as long as they meet stipulated means and merit criteria.


3. Scholarships for SC/ST students

The Government of India provides a merit-cum-means scholarship of INR 1500 per annum to students belonging to SC/ST community. Rules regarding this scholarship are available directly at the Institute, subject to change.


4. Bullet Loans

These cannot be categorised under the head of scholarships, but rather, easily available loans. On the first day at college, banks roll out scholarships for students on easy terms. Both Central Bank of India and SBI have set up branches in the campus itself for the same purpose.

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