A Special And A Unique Opportunity – NITIE

NITIE itself is a very unique institute in its own right. Firstly, the course of PGDIE that I have enrolled in is one-of-a-kind which means that only my fellow NITIEians are going to have the same qualification as me!

After coming to this place, I have been awed by how vibrant the culture here is. Everywhere I see fellow students congregating in groups, studying together, engaging in discussions, sharing responsibilities together and working tirelessly to realize activities ranging from student events to placement drives.

Not everyone knows about NITIE, but we all have an immense sense of pride to study in a college that silently produces results in a no-nonsense manner.

The campus is serene, the lush greenery surrounding the buildings provides the perfect getaway from long hours of stressful work. No wonder it is called ‘ God’s own campus ’, it is so beautiful.

We have different streams like PGDIE, PGDIM, PGDMM etc but the one thing that binds us is our pride and love for our campus, which does not differentiate much between us, this inclusiveness is amazing as we even get to share the same classrooms.

Our curriculum isn’t too rigorous, it allows us ample breathing time, time to explore our interests and engage in different activities, it is an extremely balanced and satisfying life here, but we NITIEians also know how to wonderfully manage time and multitask.

The teachers and seniors are all very supportive. They are willing to take all measures to ensure that we get the best returns at the end of the day. That is why they can scold and scorn us if required, groom us, guide us gently and even address our problems in the dead of night because they consider helping us a responsibility, and at NITIE you never run away from your responsibilities.

Being a part of NITIE is a really special and unique opportunity, something that we all cherish over here.


Which ABG company I would like to work for?

I would like to work for IDEA Cellular Ltd. Under ABG because it is one of the leading players in the telecommunications sector which has great scope for growth in India. There is stiff competition among various companies to gain an upper hand in terms of being the most reliable service provider for the common man at most affordable rates. There is plenty of scope for optimization which is the main job of an industrial engineer, so I will get the opportunity to learn and make a difference with the skills that I will acquire after completing my course at NITIE. This will be the perfect launch pad for me to have a great start to my career and grow within the ranks of the leading conglomerate of India that has made this country extremely proud in the world stage.

-Ronit Bhowmick Roychowdhury