Summer Internship Experience At Enterprise & Technology Solutions (ETS), Unilever – Ritwiz Shukla – NITIE, Mumbai

Since it is my last day of Summer Internship at Enterprise & Technology Solutions (ETS), Unilever, I wanted to share this opportunity-of-a-Lifetime I had to work with one of the dream companies of every MBA Graduate.

Interning with Unilever was my only aspiration even before joining NITIE, Mumbai given the impact and the change that it brings to the lives of people around me. And with sheer hard work, passion and luck, I got that chance to intern at Unilever, Philippines.

ETS has always been the drive behind the technology & innovation at Unilever and that is what has always enticed me to be a part of the new advancements that we can bring into transforming consumer experience.

During these two months, I never felt like an intern but rather a strong contributor to the organization’s growth like any other Unilever Leaders I got the chance to work with. I worked on five projects all together that had challenging arenas ranging from Simplifying Learning Experience for Employees, Identifying AI solutions for enhanced candidate experience, Presenting a Position Paper on future Content Authoring Tools to Designing a Business Case for identifying future business leaders for Unilever.

Plethora of Support, Guidance and Encouragement at Unilever has been truly unmatchable and the opportunities to not only be a Team Member but rather leading the complete project as a Manager is what has completely transformed my learning experience, professional and personal traits.

I am taking away a lot of amazing experiences from Unilever and I definitely believe that these eight weeks will provide a strong foundation to my career ahead.