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ABGLP Woo Me Season 2 - IIM Ranchi

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A Guide To Success In The Corporate World | In Conversation With Mr. Niraj Singh, Vice President, UltraTech Cement | IIM Ranchi

“It’s not about being profitable; it’s not about the salary in the bank but it’s about what you are doing and the opportunities you have to create impact. That’s what

ABFRL Is Committed To Giving Back More Than What It Takes From The Ecosystem - Jayarajan KR, VP Operations, ABFRL | IIM Ranchi

All fashion brands are about looking good. Being human is about doing good. Here is a brand that blends both looking and doing good. Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited,

ABGLP: A Launchpad For Your Dream Career | Getting Candid With Ms. Nibhrata Desh | IIM Ranchi

IIM Ranchi had the privilege of connecting with Ms. Nibhrata Desh, from TISS Mumbai, who worked at Aditya Birla Group in their coveted Aditya Birla Group Leadership Programs (ABGLP), where

Learning From The Leaders – An Interview With Mr. Ravi Mishra, Senior Vice President, HR & Admin At Birla Carbon | IIM Ranchi

 While pursuing an MBA or any course on business studies, we come across a surfeit of case studies about different businesses, their failures, and success. Some tend to be forgotten

Path To Prosperity Can Be Attained Only Through A Constant Quest For Knowledge - Mr. K Venugopal | IIM Ranchi

An excerpt from the visionary, Mr. K Venugopal, Assistant Vice President Production, Grasim who has over 25 years of work experience with the Aditya Birla Group, this article talks about

Breaking The Limits To Reach IIM Ranchi

The One with the DreamsDreams are unbiased. From a beggar to a successful businessman, no one is spared from dreams. They are a part of us. Dreams can be silly

You are the one constant thing in my life – Yamini Chawda, IIM Ranchi

Yesterday, when I was busy in my thoughts, I realised how life had been going through all the peaks and depths, and yet there are some things which remain constant


A SHOPAHOLIC’S PERSPECTIVE ABOUT ADITYA BIRLA GROUP, IIM RANCHIWhen we talk about business and popularity, one of the leading multinational conglomerate well known is Aditya Birla Group. An India based