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Against All Odds

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In Conversation With The Recipient Of The ‘Dr B. C. Roy Memorial Prize’ At IIM Calcutta – Bhushan Gopalani

A B-school has many activities and experiences on the professional front apart from the academics, placements and case competitions. And like in all of these fields, competition is intense everywhere.

Life Of A 100% Visually-Impaired Student At IIM Calcutta - Ritesh Agarwal

They say every story inside an IIM is a success story. Truly so. Here is the story of Ritesh Agarwal. Ritesh is currently a PGP1 student of Indian Institute of

How I Went Against Societal Norms To Get Into A B-School | Talat Khanam |

Belonging to a family, living in a conservative Muslim community, Talat Khanam was told to hide behind Burqa from her childhood. Pursuing higher education to achieve her dreams was a

"The Fight Is Not Yet Over, But Neither Am I" | Lakhan Menghani's Inspirational Journey To An IIM | Against All Odds

“No obstacle is too big for you, no dream too great. You have the greatest force in the universe on the inside.” - Joel Osteen

An IIM Admit & A PPO Despite Visual Impairment | Shreya Upadhyay's Inspirational Journey To IIM Udaipur

“I had the blues because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet.” – Denis Waitley

Life On A Stick And Wheels | Story of A Girl That Moved Mountains | Against All Odds - Shwet Nisha, IIM Udaipur

Unpredictability can be another name of life. With so many ups and downs, each experience helps us to grow and teaches the important lessons of life. But there are some

"You Might Not Be Able To Run, But You Will Fly" | Cracking ISB Against All Odds

There are many times we face obstacles and are on the verge of giving up. We feel that nothing can help us now and we are destined to fail. However,

A Story Of A Girl Who Had The Heart And Courage To Go Against Societal Norms - Talat Khanam - SPJIMR - Celebrating Womanhood

This is a story of a girl who had the heart & courage to go against the societal norms and her father who had the compassion to support her dreams.