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Blue Ribbon Movement

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The Highest ROI Activity You Can Do At B School

During your MBA, you will learn a very intriguing idea – Return on Investment.Measured in financial terms, ROI is what you gain (monetary return) for what you put in (financial

Fuck Validation

Who have you given the authority? The authority to tell you that you are okay or even great?Does it belong to your parents who approve of your career choice? Have

3 Cricketers And Dealing With Life

For the longest time, Sachin Tendulkar was my favourite cricketer. He was the hero of our generation - a great place to park all our hopes, admiration and adulation.His strokes,

The 2 Word Mantra That Will Help You Crack B-School - From A Gold Medalist At IIM Bangalore

If you prayed for guidance from every B-School topper that ever was, the answer would be this. If you listened to the whispering trees in the hallowed portals of our

Why You Should Not Do An MBA

What the MBA craze tells us about ourselvesWhy are youngsters ‘crazy’ about management?Is it, that as a child they loved being managers and decided they would like to do it

How Can Gandhi Save The Millennials

Every month, a million young people enter the workforce. That is 15 people per second. By the time you reach the end of this article, we will need another 60

My Journey With My Father - The Four Waves of Papa

We are all mostly born to Papas who are super men. They are invincible and can do no wrong. They are men of steel who go out there and face

What Would Buddha Say About My Career Choice

When it comes to the business of seeking advice, who can be more ‘buddhimaan’ than our very own Buddha?So the other day, when I suddenly bumped into him on the