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Life As A Consultant At BCG India - Seema Bansal, Director - Social Impact Practice & IIM C Alum

"Who says there is no work-life balance in Consulting?" Seema Bansal, Director At BCG debunks this myth and how!

'Don't Take A Decision When You Are Feeling Low' - Seema Bansal, Director - BCG & IIM C Alumna - Part 2

“I had no clue what I wanted to do in life. I chose consulting because I felt I would get exposure to different projects and that would help me choose

Why The Rat Race? You’ve Already Made It - Seema Bansal, Director - BCG & IIM Calcutta Alumna - Part 1

“Use your years at the b-school to find out who you really are and what you want from life.”

The Ultimate Guide To Get A PPO From The Boston Consulting Group

Consulting is one of the coveted domains that an MBA student yearns to get into. And when you think of Consulting, one of the companies that come to your mind

The Boston Consulting Group - InsideIIM Internship Inventory

BCG - Who they are, What they do, Why they do it

How To Ace Your Summer Internship At The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

The Indian Institute of Management of Bangalore has its summer internship program scheduled in the middle of the second term (Term 2 starts in September). I always wanted to intern

A New City, A New Experience, A New Me - My Internship Experience At The Boston Consulting Group - Ity Jain - IIM Indore

“No dream becomes reality through magic; it takes grit, determination and hard work.” Although Colin Powell’s words here can’t be disagreed with, however, magic is what you feel when a dream

IIM Calcutta Student's Strategy To Crack Consulting Interviews And His BCG PPO Story

Charneet is a PGP-II student at IIM Calcutta with a PPO from the prestigious Boston Consulting Group. Prior to coming to IIM-C, Charneet graduated in Computer Science from IIIT Hyderabad