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Guesstimate Challenge | Crack Your Dream Career With Top Consulting Firms!

“Consulting Guesstimate - Estimate the number of orders delivered by Zomato per hour.”

A Structured Approach To Crack Consulting Case Interview Questions

"How do I approach case interviews?" is probably a question that’s come up in your path as an aspiring consultant. The intimidating case interview is commonly used during the interview

How Baahubali Wowed Users | A Case Study

Directed by S.S. Rajamouli, Baahubali is the most expensive Indian film with a budget estimated at 250 Crore INR. And when it released, Baahubali (part 1) was the 39th highest-grossing

Think Like A Consultant - Can You Solve This Case Interview Problem About The Taj Mahal?

Case interviews are a crucial part of the interview process for hiring management consultants. These interviews comprise challenging problem statements with the backdrop of a perplexing situation. Master the art

Types Of Interviews And How To Ace Them?

The significance of an MBA interview has never been greater. As the business schools focusing more on the interpersonal skills, there is an increased emphasis on interviewing. Interviews play a

How To Crack Consulting Interviews - Konversations On Consulting Careers

Is being a consultant your dream job? Then mastering the art of cracking Case Interviews is something you should start right away. In this video, Miti Vaidya, Kore Team Member

Cracking Consulting Interviews - How To Approach Guesstimate Questions

Guesstimates are an important part of any Consulting Interview. The whole point of these questions is to give the interviewer a peek into your thinking process and problem solving abilities.