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How Clubs And Committees At IIMs Destroy Your Talent | My Experience

Ever stepped into a B-school, or planning to be at one very soon? Apart from placements, studies and networking, something that will lead you through a roller coaster ride would

10 Things You Need To Know About IMT Ghaziabad

Situated in Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR, Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad is one of the top b schools to do an MBA from. Established in 1980, IMT Ghaziabad is India’s premier

10 Things You Need To Know About NITIE

NITIE Mumbai is an exemplar in helping Indian businesses make their presence felt global. NITIE has been the cornerstone in acting as a driving force not only in the manufacturing

How B-School Clubs Help Transform Students Professionally

Is it only your academics that prepare you take challenges head-on when you enroll yourself in a B-school, or there is more to it? With various clubs and committees, B-schools

College, Clubs And Committees: Co-Curriculars At A B-School

Life in a B-School is a steady mix of academics, internships, corporate interactions, case study competitions, and extracurricular activities, and all students are engaged in some of these (if not

Abhyudaya - The Cultural Soul Of IIM Nagpur Campus

In the scorching Delhi summers of 2018, the process of getting an admit offer from IIM Nagpur started with the WAT and PI at IIFT Delhi. My interview went well.

Non-Academic Clubs At IIM Nagpur - A Detailed Guide

IIM Nagpur, apart from its regular academics and domain-specific activities by academic clubs, has a significant proportion of activities on campus that’s meant for building a cultural legacy, celebrating life,

Finance Club At IIM Nagpur - A Confluence Of Classroom Learning & Real-Time Application

The Finance club of IIM Nagpur is not just another club. It works with the core mission of ensuring that students get to explore the practical aspects of different areas