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The Content And Influencer Marketing Whiz Quiz - How Many Can You Get Right?

It's time to play InsideIIM's Influencer and Content Marketing Quiz!The theme of this quiz is 'Content And Influencer Marketing' - how well do you know the field? Test your knowledge

25 Podcasts You Need To Listen To Right Now

These days, thanks to COVID 19, you have lots of things to listen to. Too many, infact. Audio stories, audio books, podcasts, there’s a lot of material out there to

25 Free Digital Marketing Certifications To Add To Your CV During Lockdown

Thanks to the COVID 19 influenced lock-down, we all have a lot of time on our hands. There’s been a lot of discussion as to how this extra time can

Political Branding – Exploring The Current Trends

Before the text starts getting saffron or blue and white, let me shed some light on a few common terms and their connection in the field of branding and marketing:

'Influencer Marketing Is Hot. So Hot, There Are Cat Influencers' - Deepika Mallyk, IIM Bangalore

Content is surely the king. But influencers, crown this content king. The impact of influencer marketing is evident from the popularity gained by our favorite series of fantasy novels ‘Harry

3 Gems On Innovation From Steve Jobs

Innovation – the most overused (and dare I say abused) word in the corporate world today. Ask managers what the organization needs most and they will say ‘innovation and creativity’.

How content are you with your content marketing strategy?

9 checkpoints to ensure that you are on the right track