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The Best Free Resources For Every Aspirant Joining A B-School In 2020 | Tips By An IIM Calcutta Student

Congratulations, your hard work has finally paid off. You overcame all the hurdles and achieved your goal. It is time to pat yourself on the back. Enjoy and celebrate. You

Important Macro Economics Concepts For Your Interviews

For an MBA interview, it is important for one to be abreast with various terms and concepts related to Economics. In the previous article, we have looked at important concepts

Important Micro Economics Concepts For Interview

Economics is of the commonly tested areas for MBA interviews. Economics concepts are interesting and fairly easy to understand. In simple terms, economics is about making choices. It can be

Economics Questions You Can Expect In Your Interviews

With the interview dates coming closer, many of you might be feeling anxious or worried, but that's okay. Each one of us goes through it. Just keep yourself calm, talk

Venezuela's Oily Hyperinflation Story | Case Study - Learning IRL By ABGLP

Imagine this: you the common man or woman, is struggling to buy daily rations and 2 meals a day. Everything from soaps, to the internet seem out of your financial

Rupee Depreciating Its Value, Why?

This article meant to be understood with the less matter. If you want to know the clear picture of this, you need to refer many. I want to explain as

Giffen's Paradox - Dejargonised

Veeru And The Alcohol Conundrum