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My Summer Internship Experience At Ernst & Young India | Swati Mehta

When I first stepped into my college, after the hard work and toil of writing MBA entrances and sitting through numerous interviews and screening tests, one thing I knew for

How I Got Into Ernst & Young And On International Immersion Program In Italy - Kaustubha Panda

MBA is beyond just grades. It's a lot more about getting experiences that will shape you as a professional and make you career-ready. An internship and an International immersion program

An Internship At Ernst And Young - Summer Saga 2019

With sweaty palms I hit refresh for the umpteenth time (maybe more) on my laptop and there it was. One more mail in my inbox, but this one meant more

Internship Experience At EY - An Enriching Experience

Once in a while, every MBA student comes across a time when he starts seeing his fellow placement committee friends (aka placecommers) as the angels in disguise. This is the

An Experience To Remember - Ernst & Young - Shougat Anurag - XUMG

16 June 2017 – The excitement, as well as the anxiety, was sky high when I first stepped into the Xavier University Bhubaneswar Campus, the curiosity of knowing the MBA

EY & I - A Glimpse Of The Better Working World - IFMR

During a mid-March-not-so-pleasant lunchtime at the college cafeteria, I received the email stating my joining date as 2nd April at Ernst & Young Bangalore, which also confirmed my stay at