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'You Know for Sure That You Are Out-Numbered As A Non-Engineer During The First Few Weeks' - Many Roads To An MBA - IMT Ghaziabad

Parul Sharma from Delhi is a true Delhi-ite! She is an avid reader, a lover of her Netflix accounts and loves to write, as well! Both her parents are doctors

How to Choose the GMAT Exam Dates?

Often, there’s a dilemma in GMAT aspirants regarding ‘What is the best time to write the GMAT Exam’ or ‘How to choose GMAT exam dates?’ In this post, we will

How To Score 730 In GMAT - Kumar Anshul, A Dentist-Turned-Manager

Kumar Anshul is a Dentist-turned-Manager who is currently working as a Marketing Manager at Oliveboard. He also has his own venture- Founder and Editor-in-Chief of International Dental Journal of Students’ Research. He

How To Reduce The Cost Of Your GMAT Preparation

Let’s get this fact straight. For Indian candidates (specially when you are a fresher or in a low paying job), taking the GMAT is a costly affair. The exam itself

How To Prepare For AWA Section In GMAT

The AWA (Analytical Writing Ability) is an important section in GMAT where you will be provided with a situation/ argument and will be asked to critically analyze the same.

Most Common Myths About ISB

Indian School of Business (Hyderabad and Mohali) has been ranked as the 29th Best B-School in the world by Financial Times 2016 Ranking. Even then, a majority of Indian MBA aspirants are

Frequently Asked Questions About GMAT

Before I start writing this post, I would want to make it clear that it is being written keeping in mind the needs and aspirations of Indian MBA Aspirants, who

My CAT And GMAT Journey

So here is how an average student, with a very ordinary profile and zero extracurriculars, secured admission in MBA. If this helps even a single aspirant then my purpose is