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What's a Career in HR Management Like? 4 Inside Perspectives!

Ever wondered what it’s like to be, perhaps, the most important person in an organization - the HR Manager? Yup, you read that right! No organization can survive even a

15 Ways You Can Harness People Power As A Successful Manager!

Cracking competitive exams can be a rough ride, so here are some quotes about the power of people to inspire you. You are way more powerful than you think!

Interview Qs Like ‘How good is your EX?!’ And Other Stunning Facts About HRM Careers

If you thought ‘EX’ refers to that person, whom you’re trying to banish from your memory forever, you’re mistaken by a long way! Read on to discover why, as well

What An MBA Will Never Teach You! | Real-Life Stories From HUL & UNICEF HR Experts

If you think Human Resource Management is a career for the ‘nice’ people, you’re somewhat wrong and if you think that HR Management just involves hiring and engaging employees, you’re

One In-Demand Management Skill That Can Boost Your Salary In 2022

As per LinkedIn’s 2022 Job report for India, 82% of India’s workforce is preparing to switch jobs in this very year and 45% of them are confident about their next

HR Roles After MBA: Salary, Skills Needed, Opportunities, Companies & Job Growth

Managing the human capital in any organization has become an important component for the success of any organization. And HRs play a pivotal role in ensuring the same. But oftentimes

5 Most Preferred Domains And Sectors IIM Grads Want To Work In

Choosing which domain to start their respective careers in becomes a decision that a lot of students struggle with. There are pros and cons associated with each of the domains

Summer Internships Are Like First Dates. Learn How To Score An Ace!

Getting into a b-school of choice is a dream for most people and when that dream comes true, it is often accompanied by a sense of accomplishment and relief. But