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5 Most Preferred Domains And Sectors IIM Grads Want To Work In

Choosing which domain to start their respective careers in becomes a decision that a lot of students struggle with. There are pros and cons associated with each of the domains

Summer Internships Are Like First Dates. Learn How To Score An Ace!

Getting into a b-school of choice is a dream for most people and when that dream comes true, it is often accompanied by a sense of accomplishment and relief. But

My Time At JNU Taught Me To Respect Opinions Ft. Harshita Chaudhary, TISS Alum, Ex-Nestle, Colgate

In the second episode of India's Most Inspiring Women Managers, we have an alumna of LSR, JNU, TISS, Colgate, Cadbury, and Nestle - Harshita Choudhary.

HR Career Paths Open To You Post MBA

If you’re an MBA student hoping to get into an HR career, now is your time. Because HR or Human Resources has never been so interesting or relevant as it

The 2020 HR Outlook Guide: Key Imperatives For Budding HR Professionals

It was not a long time ago when people questioned the relevance of the HR department in an organization. However, with the progression of time, businesses, as well as employees,

How We Got Into Google, Intel & Schindler Ft. TAPMI Alums

Vision is a necessity, but having the courage to leap forward, the determination to continuously build on your skills till you find yourself living your dream is what makes all

How To Crack An HR Internship, PPO | TISS, XLRI, MDI, SCMHRD PPOed Students - YOBOLive Ep.23

For the 23rd episode of #YOBOLive we talk about the HR sector. HR has evolved and how! Analytics, consulting, AI, HR is constantly reinventing itself. Have you ever wondered why

How this engineer found his love for HR and became a ‘Career Match Maker’, Ft. Bitan Banerjee, IMT H Alum

What would lead to your preferred career path always stays uncertain. For some, it is a clearly charted course, but for majority of students, it is a self-searching path that