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3 Month Study Plan For CAT That Got Me To IIM Ahmedabad Ft. Shreya S, CAT 99.82%iler

Shreya Singal scored a 99.82%ile on CAT with a sectional breakup of VARC - 99.42 | LRDI - 99.37 | QA - 99. She's joined IIM Ahmedabad to pursue her

How 99.9+%ilers Approach CAT | IIM Ahmedabad Student's Section Wise CAT Strategy

Swaha Swayamsiddha is a 99.92%iler on CAT 2020. Learn how she prepared for the exam to score so well!

How Likely Are You To Work With McKinsey, BCG, Bain If You Are From IIMs ABCLIK?

Consulting is, hands down, the most sought-after domain for MBA students at India's leading business schools. For these students, it is a dream to work with the holy trinity of

Shocking Salaries That IIM Ahmedabad Students Are Paid | Analysing IIM A Placements Over 5 Years

Today’s topic Is an extremely interesting one. What do you think is the most important element of a top business school? Surely there are many who'd say placements! And that’s

How An Underconfident Commerce Grad Became IR 1 At IIM Ahmedabad, Ft. Akhil Mangla - Top MBA Achiever - 2021

Today, we bring you the story of Akhil Mangla, who won the Gold Medal and got the 1st rank in IIM Ahmedabad. Find out how Akhil from being an underconfident

Meet Deep Bothra, IIM Ahmedabad - PGPX, Gold Medalist | Top MBA Achievers - 2021

Every year, a selected group of people with a wide variety of backgrounds from industries enter IIM Ahmedabad's PGPX program after a rigorous selection process. With the average work ex

Top MBA Achievers - 2021 | Arunabh Saxena, IIM Ahmedabad - PGPM, Gold Medalist

Every year, there are lakhs of students who give the CAT exam with dreams of getting into IIM Ahmedabad. Only a select few make it to this B-School. These students

IIM Ahmedabad Professor On The Actual Value of An MBA Degree

An MBA is a huge investment: top management programs in India can cost over 30 lakhs, not including the opportunity cost of investing one to two years into an MBA