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IIM Amritsar

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Aagaaz 2.0 | IIM Amritsar's Cultural Induction Night | A New Peregrination

You may remember a thing by reading or listening to it, but you will never forget it when you’re a part of it.

The Women Of Change - Stories From IIM Amritsar

Women are indispensable. From making houses to leading markets, from protecting the pacts to leading the pack, they are there. They are here, there, everywhere. In every colour, in every

AArunya'18 - The Cultural, Sports, Management Fest Of IIM Amritsar

The first ray of the sun, a revival of the slumber dreams, a diffusion of a newfound energy, an alarm of the endless power, and a new page to scribble

The IIM Amritsar Student Who Taught An Entire Village

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – NELSON MANDELA

A Quadriplegic's Journey To An IIM - The Unravelling of Mystic Phoenix At IIM Amritsar

“My ability can overcome my disability”- was the eloquent, panache reply given by Shashank, on my seemingly trivial query - how did you manage to overcome the hurdles? In true

The Assets And Liabilities Of Newness - IIM Amritsar

I could start this article with how I touched the 99 percentile mark, how I was downhearted with the few calls that I got, how tough it was a decision