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Self-Discovery In The Process Of Becoming A Class Representative At IIM Nagpur

An MBA program is not just about academics, it is also about getting accustomed to multi-tasking with careful planning and execution. Therefore, it was clear in my mind that I

A Beautiful Beginning To Life At IIM Nagpur

It was a typical Sunday afternoon, and I was at home, preparing a list of all the things that I would be needing once my college would start. After being

Opportunities In The First Month At IIM Nagpur That Helped Me Break My Shackles

Ever since I decided to go for a post-graduation in management, I always wanted to pursue my MBA from a premier B-school. Before getting an admission offer from IIM Nagpur,

A Decision Rightly Made - Life At IIM Nagpur

A few months back, I read “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and since then, I always used to fantasize about the idea on which the whole story was based on-“No

A Page Out Of Life At IIM Nagpur

It was a normal day at the office, with an ever-growing schedule of calls but one thing that stood out that day, was the surprise mail from IIM Nagpur, announcing

Aditya Birla group - A group that India needs and is proud of | IIM-Nagpur

Aditya Birla group - A name which is always found in Indian household intentionally or unintentionally.  It’s not just the products of ABG, which eased our life, there is even

ABG - Touching more than a million lives, IIM Nagpur

Aditya Birla Group: A big part of our lives