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Important Micro Economics Concepts For Interview

Economics is of the commonly tested areas for MBA interviews. Economics concepts are interesting and fairly easy to understand. In simple terms, economics is about making choices. It can be

Important Brand Management Concepts For Your Interviews

Creating a brand is not enough, as you scale up your business, you need to understand the various aspects of a brand for it to succeed.

PGP-HRM Vs. PGP-IM At MDI Gurgaon | All You Need To Know

Housed in the lush green campus of MDI Gurgaon, the PGP-HRM and the PGP-IM program have been changing lives since their inception. PGP-HRM program is an ideal curriculum for anyone

Why I Chose PGP-HRM Over PGPM In MDI Gurgaon | Ft. Tulika Mazumdar

Tulika Mazumdar is currently a PGP-HRM student of 2019-2021 batch at MDI Gurgaon. Her first preference was PGPHRM. Now that sounds like an unusual choice given the reputation the flagship

'Discipline Is The Key' | How A CA Cracked CAT And The IIM Lucknow Interview

How often do you happen to share the same classroom with an AIR 20 in CA who has cracked the exam in the first attempt and then made it big

MDI Gurgaon Interview Experiences - Part 3| Tips By MDI Gurgaon Students

First of all, let me congratulate you on making it this far. I am hoping your preparation for the interviews are in full force and this article will help you

How To Answer 'Why MDI Gurgaon?' In Your Interview

Whenever you are appearing for an interview of any BSchool, you must be clear about why you want to join that particular B-School. While your answer, to a large extent,

IIM Kozhikode - PGP Finance | All You Need To Know

All you need to know about PGP Finance by IIM Kozhikode!A GOLDEN RULE: WHEN IN DOUBT, CONTACT ADMISSIONS OFFICE