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On Cracking IIM Interviews And Campus Life At IIM Kozhikode

Shortlists are going to come out left, right, and center. In filling forms for the same to deciding which interviews to go for, one important thing that usually gets missed

How To Prepare For IIM Calcutta Interview

With CAT 2018 results out and IIM C shortlist out, we have an IIM Calcutta student, dispelling any doubts and queries you might have around Interview Preparation, Campus Life, etc.

How To Crack Your B-School Interview - The Ultimate Guide

The CAT hurdle has been crossed but the graveyard of many B-School dreams lies ahead - the GD-PI rounds. All the great academic and CAT scores will count for nothing

Step-by-step Guide To Convert Your B-school Interview Calls

I still do remember the excitement of getting my first b-school call, a feeling quite difficult to put into words. After slogging to get that perfect score in CAT, an

Typical Questions Asked In MBA Interviews

Now that you have cleared the first step of getting into a coveted b-school, it is time to face your competition face to face. Clearing the written tests is only

The Ultimate MBA Interview Prep Guide - 15+ Resources

Shortlists are coming out left, right, and centre. So, if you have been shortlisted or if you are expecting a call, this is for you. The importance that you give

Interview Mistakes To Avoid And Questions That You Can Expect

“Mistakes are always forgivable if one has the courage to admit them. - Bruce Lee.