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How To Switch Jobs - Guidance And Strategy By Ankit Doshi, Founder And CEO,InsideIIM

We're back in a lockdown, and many people have started looking for a job change, whether it is to increase compensation, build a portfolio, or want to have better quality

A 360-Degree Approach To Get A Higher-Paying Job. Guaranteed.

The urban unemployment rate had more than doubled to 20.9% in the period April-June 2020 from the 9.1% in the corresponding quarter in 2019, data released by the government showed.

3 People Get Hired Through LinkedIn Every Minute. Do You Want To Be One Of Them?

LinkedIn. 18 years old; older than Facebook & one of the most trusted social networks still in action today.LinkedIn. 200+ countries. 24 languages.LinkedIn. 71 million+ members in India alone.LinkedIn. Content

To Change Or Not To Change | Ft. Subha Chandrasekaran, XLRI Alum, ex-Citibank and Founder of RainKraft Creative

To change or not to change? A dilemma every MBA aspirant, MBA student and an employee has to face. For aspirants, it’s pursuing a masters in the same field or

How many graduates from the class of 2012 changed jobs within 18 months after MBA?

With 18 months having passed after graduation of the class of 2012, we thought it might be a good time to ask – What percentage of graduates from the batch