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How To Crack MBA Interviews - Tips By B-School Students

One of the most important questions that aspirants ask is 'When and how should we prepare for MBA Interviews?'. And with CAT results just around the corner, the time to

The Real Purpose Of Entering A B-School

Now that you are done with CAT, you are probably preparing for the interviews that await you. One of the questions you must’ve encountered very frequently during your preparation, is

A Girl In A New City - How Life At A B-School Begins

While getting into a business school is a daunting task in itself, once you make it there, things can become even more challenging.

There's More To B-Schools Than Just Business!

Education and learning are two important things that go hand in hand. Deciding to educate oneself and be updated about the current situations in society can be done at any

Highlighting Student-Driven Culture At KJSIMSR

Located in the heart of the city Mumbai, KJ SIMSR is not just an educational institute. It’s a home to thousands of students from across the country coming together to

5 Ways To Ace Your GD/PI Preparations

With the CAT exam being over and other MBA entrance exams queued up, the journey for MBA aspirants doesn’t get over here. Scoring in these competitive exams is the first

Experiencing International Business Summit At B-Schools

The International Business Summit was a one-day event aimed at providing exposure and knowledge to all attendees regarding aspects of International Business which are vital as all corporates nowadays are

How B-School Competitions Prepare You For Real-Life Business?

B-school Competitions and Events demonstrate real-life business issues faced by management. In addition to that, it helps in the application and understanding of the concepts which you learn in a