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Be On The Summer Hotlist of Accenture Strategy, Shell and J&J |Pre MBA Social 2022

We are back with an offline, one-on-one, Konversations Cafe- Pre MBA Social. A destination where the top b-school call getters get a chance to interact with the campus recruiters of

I Did An MBA To Work In A Cozy AC Office, Ft. Ashutosh M, Ex Goldman Sachs | IIT D, XLRI Alum, Pt. 1

In this episode, we have Ashutosh Mishra, who is an experienced banker with over two decades of experience in the financial markets. Like many of us, Ashutosh was also clueless

I Left My Singapore Job To Pursue Core HR & Got A Pay Cut, Ft. Siddharth Vishwanath, HR Head @ Mensa Brands

HR is for women and there is not much you can do except for making Rangolis! These probably are the most heard myths that you must have also heard at

I Rejected A Godrej Job On Campus To Be An Entrepreneur,Ft. Shikha Murarka, Founder, Mishmash Bakery

In this episode of Konversations Cafe, we have our first woman entrepreneur of this season Shikha Murarka, who is currently running her own baking company called MishMash Bakery and has

‘You Have To Pay Fees To The Market To Learn’ - Ft. Vaibhav J, CFA, Wealthdesk, IIM-I, Pt-2

In this candid conversation about finance careers, fintech, investment banking, private equity, wealth management and social media, Vaibhav Jain, IIM Indore Alum, currently at Wealthdesk, Ex Deutsche Bank and Edelweiss,

Entertainment Is One Of The Most High Risk Business Economics, Ft. Nabh Gupta, IMDb, Pt 2

In this conversation, Nabh Gupta, Head (Editorial & Content Partnership) at IMDb, shares the highlights of his career in the media and entertainment space. He takes us through his experience working

I Started Dreaming About Investment Banking During The 2008 Crisis, Vaibhav Jain, IIM I, CFA, Pt. 1

In this candid conversation, Vaibhav Jain, LinkedIn influencer, Ex Investment Banker, and Private Banker, IIM Indore alum takes us through his career and shows us the decisions he made to

I Thought I Would Retire As An Investment Banker, Ft. Sohit Kapoor, Ex Merrill Lynch, IIM B, Pt 2

Sohit Kapoor shared his journey of making it to IIM Bangalore and how Investment Banking happened in his life. For good 11 years, Sohit spent his time at Merrill Lynch,