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Tips On How To Spend Time Before MBA Starts

The first year of MBA for almost all the colleges in India will start in a couple of months. Some of you will still have a few interviews pending. But

Konversations on Retail and Marketing Careers with H&M, Nykaa and Vodafone - #DelhiDiaries

How does H&M manage to sell jackets during summers? What does the life of a brand manager at a young e-commerce company like Nykaa entail? What are the struggles of

Why Analytics - Konversations On Data Analytics

In this video, Srikant Rajan explains how the marriage between technology and businesses eventually evolved to the point where it is today - businesses using data science to reach the

Life Of A Brand Manager At Nykaa - Vibhuti Verma - Konversations On Retail And Marketing Careers

Make-up, e-commerce and marketing - sounds like a dream job for a young marketing professional, right? Vibhuti Varma​ lives this coveted life.In this video, she gets candidly shares with us

How H&M Sells Jackets In Summers - Adhirath Sharma - Konversations on Retail and Marketing Careers

Most of us swear by H&M's amazing products. During the short period for which this international fashion brand has existed in India, it has earned satisfaction and loyalty from their

Careers In Social Sector - Trailer

Do you wish to work in the social sector but don't know where to begin?Careers In Social Sector is an online course for people looking for meaningful work through which

"Equality Between Genders Should Just Be A Natural State"- Celebrating Womanhood at InsideIIM - Konversations

On the occasion of International Women's Day, we asked women for their views on feminism, the #MeToo movement and gender equality.  

How Analytics Beat LeBron James - Konversations On Data Analytics

Sports is often considered to be a field where physical ability is the sole factor to achieve success, but wrongly so. In this video, Prasanna Venkatesh explains how famous NBA