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Leadership Lesson Through Bhagavad Gita

Once Arjuna asked Krishna: ‘Why Karna is known to be more liberal than me?’

7 Leadership Lessons From Game Of Thrones

HBO’s Game of Thrones, based on George R.R. Martin’s acclaimed novels A Song of Ice and Fire, has become a worldwide phenomenon. Many claim that its popularity is because of

Short Courses On Leadership For A Rapid Career Growth 

Has your professional life become mundane and you are looking for challenges that let you showcase your true mettle? Do you feel undervalued being just another employee in your organisation?

The Art Of Impromptu Leadership

The internet provides a plethora of sources to gauge a cursory understanding of the term ‘leadership’. A person who is willing to have a theoretical understanding of leadership can easily

Six Important Qualities Of A Great Leader

“To be a good leader, you sometimes need to go down the untraveled path. Being bold in the face of uncertainty will help give your team courage and motivate them

Don’t Take Away Someone’s Hope, For Hope May Be All They Have!

Leadership is an onerous responsibility for you are responsible not only for yourself but for so many other people who look up to you as their leader. So, when you

Leadership Summit '17 : Rethinking Leadership - Exploring New Possibilities

Is a leader the only one who propels a team towards success? Rather a leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. The