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Life At IIM Kashipur

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Learning Together At IIM Kashipur

‘’Nervous, legs shaking, head a bit heavy, as you are at your wit’s end, not sure what to do and how to progress when you are going to face your

My Experience At IIM Kashipur - Piyush Himanshu

Sitting in my office, I used to think 'How would life be at an IIM?'. 'Will it show me the most exciting times of my life or will it be

A Woman On Wheels: My IIM Kashipur Biker’s Club Story

I would describe myself as someone who is always thirsty for something new. Unexplored places, unacquainted cultures, un-attempted adventures never fail to exhilarate me. Needless to say, one true love

Management Unbound - An IIM Kashipur-Corbett Story

After hearing the name Jim Corbett National Park, the things that strike in our mind first are the Safari, Tigers, Flora and Fauna. It is one of the major tourist

Life Of A Sports Aficionado At An IIM

The other day, a couple of friends and I were watching the fourth day of the first test match wherein India was pitted against South Africa in the recent India

10 Things That Make IIM Kashipur Special

Ten things that make IIM Kashipur special AMAZING.

Of White Mountains, Bikers And A Road Trip - Travel Diary Of An IIM Kashipur Student

I put this thought here because the journey of India is guided by the young, free, ready to explore generation of today. In this journey of India’s exploration, the epicenters