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Life at IIM Nagpur

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A Dream Of 'Living' Life At IIM Nagpur

Not so long ago, while I was busy with my responsibilities as a government employee, I was re-ignited with the desire of working on my career growth.  I took unpaid

Self-Discovery In The Process Of Becoming A Class Representative At IIM Nagpur

An MBA program is not just about academics, it is also about getting accustomed to multi-tasking with careful planning and execution. Therefore, it was clear in my mind that I

A Beautiful Beginning To Life At IIM Nagpur

It was a typical Sunday afternoon, and I was at home, preparing a list of all the things that I would be needing once my college would start. After being

Opportunities In The First Month At IIM Nagpur That Helped Me Break My Shackles

Ever since I decided to go for a post-graduation in management, I always wanted to pursue my MBA from a premier B-school. Before getting an admission offer from IIM Nagpur,

A Decision Rightly Made - Life At IIM Nagpur

A few months back, I read “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and since then, I always used to fantasize about the idea on which the whole story was based on-“No

A Page Out Of Life At IIM Nagpur

It was a normal day at the office, with an ever-growing schedule of calls but one thing that stood out that day, was the surprise mail from IIM Nagpur, announcing

Abhyudaya - The Cultural Soul Of IIM Nagpur Campus

In the scorching Delhi summers of 2018, the process of getting an admit offer from IIM Nagpur started with the WAT and PI at IIFT Delhi. My interview went well.

Non-Academic Clubs At IIM Nagpur - A Detailed Guide

IIM Nagpur, apart from its regular academics and domain-specific activities by academic clubs, has a significant proportion of activities on campus that’s meant for building a cultural legacy, celebrating life,