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Life At IIM ranchi

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"Passion Is Priceless" - The Journey Of An IIM Student From Publishing Books To Topping The Class | Kanupriya Jain, IIM Ranchi

Q1. Tell me something about yourself and take us through your journey to IIM Ranchi.

Mocha Before Assignments - The Deep Relationship Between MBA And Coffee!

I must admit that life in a B School is pretty hard to imagine without one important thing. An MBA grad must have guessed it by now…it’s COFFEE!!

The IIM Ranchi Culture Of Celebrating Everything

You read that right. We, Crows (yes we call ourselves that), just need a reason to celebrate. It is nothing new or unknown that the b-school life is full of

My Humble Abode For The Next Two Years - IIM Ranchi

On 16th June 2017, around sixty of us were sitting in a hall- a little nervous, slightly curious but thoroughly excited. As we awaited our turns to get our documents

The B-School POR - IIM Ranchi

 “Management can be taught very well inside a classroom, but it is learnt best outside of it.”

10 Reasons Why We Do Not Mind Not Having A Campus (Much) - IIM Ranchi

We’ve been asked this question numerous times and we thought, why don’t we save ourselves the effort and make an article out of it? So, is having a temporary campus