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Life at XIMB

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Micropolix V5 | Jason D'Souza | XIMB | Batch of 2018-20

My introduction to basketball was rather serendipitous. After a back injury, while goalkeeping for my school had sidelined me for two years, there was no way my mother was letting

Living The MBA Dream At XIMB

When life closes all doors to a meteoric growth of personality and exponential rates of learning, it opens another door too!

13 Reasons Why You Should Join XIMB

Being a 30-year-old institute, XIMB has stood the test of time. However, what makes XIMB different from other B-schools? What gives XIMB the X-factor?

Unravelling The Infinite Treasures Hidden In The Sea Of MBA

What does today’s youth do when they are bored with life or have too much time at hand? They choose to pursue a course named MBA. The abbreviation might just

Oh How Time Flies In A B-School! - XUB | XIMB

Excitement? Really? Is that what I was supposed to feel? I guess not if you were in my shoes. Last semester examinations having ended on 10th June, they called me

Experience At Xavier University Bhubaneswar

As I sit back on my comfortable bed after a hectic day to write this article, I remember all that has happened in these last six months. Attendance, cases, chai,