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The Penultimate Week As A Mahindra GMC Intern!

The penultimate mile of the internship was all about formulating the perfect execution plan. Being working in the strategy domain of scaling up a relatively new business of Mahindra, I

Learning From The Master of The Trade - DC

The initial two weeks of group induction followed by business induction led me to prepare the ground work for the remaining 6 weeks of my project in my business sector.

My Mahindra Diaries – Chapter 3 – Perfectly Cooked Rise

Now you might ask, why I was excited to travel to Mohali, Nagpur and Chennai for my internship project, contrary to comfortably sitting in an air-conditioned office in Mumbai, just

My Mahindra Journal - About to End! - Noopur Lokare, IIM Bangalore

Here comes the summer internship almost to an end. Now, when everyone in so immersed in their projects; everyone has finally got the hang of what they are actually doing,

My Mahindra Diaries – Chapter 2 – Rising Action & Plot Twists

Soon we were thrown from the high lands of induction into our workplaces and before I knew it, I could find the nearest coffee machine in Mahindra's Kandivali office with

Week 5 At Mahindra Rise | One Of Asia's Best Workplaces | Mahindra Finance

The GMC Internship would not have been a great learning experience if not for the friends that I made and the amazing co-workers I have at the workplace. Straight from

My Mahindra Diaries: Week 5 & 6 - Travel, Review And More

Sometimes one does not want the journey to end, despite the quest to reach the destination. This summer internship has been that kind of a journey for me. To give

The Mahindra GMC Journey - A Great Learning Experience

The GMC internship experience with Mahindra has been a great learning experience, a platform to network with some of the best minds in the country along with alumni and understand