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My Mentor Told Me, “Never Sell Products, Sell Solutions” - Sasi Kumar Veluchamy, Sales & Marketing Intern, Mahindra AFS, IIM B

Imagine doing a Sales & Marketing internship from home. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But that’s what you have to do when there’s a global pandemic disrupting the world. This year,

Challenging Convention And "Rising" Up To "The Mahindra GMC Internship Program" | Part - 2 | Summer Saga 2020

"Learning never ends". Every single step of this journey to Mahindra GMC internship is a new learning. Let me pen down how I approached my internship. Before that, do go

Challenging Convention And "Rising" Up To "The Mahindra GMC Internship Program" | Summer Saga 2020

Let me start with my name. My parents named me Durga Siva Teja Behara. Looks long right. No worries. People already made this easy for them since my 4th standard.

The Penultimate Week As A Mahindra GMC Intern!

The penultimate mile of the internship was all about formulating the perfect execution plan. Being working in the strategy domain of scaling up a relatively new business of Mahindra, I

Learning From The Master of The Trade - DC

The initial two weeks of group induction followed by business induction led me to prepare the ground work for the remaining 6 weeks of my project in my business sector.

My Mahindra Diaries – Chapter 3 – Perfectly Cooked Rise

Now you might ask, why I was excited to travel to Mohali, Nagpur and Chennai for my internship project, contrary to comfortably sitting in an air-conditioned office in Mumbai, just

My Mahindra Journal - About to End! - Noopur Lokare, IIM Bangalore

Here comes the summer internship almost to an end. Now, when everyone in so immersed in their projects; everyone has finally got the hang of what they are actually doing,

My Mahindra Diaries – Chapter 2 – Rising Action & Plot Twists

Soon we were thrown from the high lands of induction into our workplaces and before I knew it, I could find the nearest coffee machine in Mahindra's Kandivali office with